Data Capture Cloaking is the technique by which DataDivider can capture numeric privacy data without exposing that data to the local device. Through this technique it is possible to reduce the scope of privacy data compliance by excluding the local device (and by extension the local network) from the compliance program. DataDivider warrants its controls and security measures protect the local device without the necessity of businesses independently securing the device.

DataDivider’s Virtual Keypad running within DataDivider’s Secure Browser provides the device user the ability to enter numeric digits by mouse or touch without exposing these digits to the local device. The Virtual Keypad can present either a circular keypad or a random numpad. The circular keypad randomizes the initial positioning of zero and after entering every set number of digits it flips to a new random position. Likewise the random numpad scrambles the digits. As the Secure Browser prevents any images of the Virtual Keypad it is not possible to re-engineer the touch points or mouse click coordinates to the entered digits.

Within the DataDivider cloud these touch points or mouse clicks are interpreted to the selected digits. Once the sensitive data has been assembled it can be de-valued before processing or passing back to the business such that exposure to the business of this sensitive data is minimised.

Non numeric privacy data is secured through DataDivider’s Secure Browser however the Virtual Keypad running within the Secure Browser has the added security of addressing hardware based keyboard loggers.