DataDivider’s Secure Browser provides a fully protected data entry and presentation environment. The Secure Browser isolates this environment from the local device providing remotely all the security measures necessary to protect privacy data. The architecture of the solution is such that should the local device be compromised this would not result in any of the privacy data within the Secure Browser being placed at risk.

The Secure Browser environment is not vulnerable to Man in the Middle (MITM), Man in the Browser (MITB) and DNS attacks. By remotely managing security within the Secure Browser it is possible to maintain the latest malware detection across this distributed environment. This central management removes the burden from businesses of having to self-maintain the security of their devices for the processing of privacy data.

Fundamental to the protection of the Secure Browser is the security of privacy data accessed within the environment. No frame images are available rendering printing including print screen functions non-functional. Likewise all cut and paste and other clipboard functions are disabled. The environment protects against all software keyboard loggers. So only controlled and audited access to privacy data is available.