DataDivider’s Secure Capture delivers a payment link via SMS, Email, Chat or any other Social Media platform. Through this simple communication of a URL, customers are easily re-directed to a secure online payment page where they may enter their card details. For attended channels, agents are provided a visualization of this payment page and can monitor the customer’s progress, keystroke by keystroke, without any sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or CHD being exposed to the agent. The picture below shows the step by process of sending the payment link, the customer receiving the SMS, opening the link and the secure payment page.

Figure 1: DataDivider’s Secure Capture provides a URL Payment Link

As the customer enters their payment details, as shown below, the agent can monitor their progress.

Figure 2: DataDivider’s Secure Capture allows agents to monitor progress as customers enter payment details.

Once CHD has been secured, DataDivider’s Secure Capture processes this data without bringing the merchant into PCI DSS scope. Secure Capture supports a multitude of payment application integration techniques, all maintaining the aforementioned descoping, including but not limited to:

Application hosting

  • PSP Virtual Terminal
  • Web thin client
  • Server and Client


  •  PSP
  •  Codeless integration

Benefits of DataDivider’s Secure Capture

  • Facilitates 3-D Secure
  • Liability shift from merchant to issuer
  • Reduction of charge backs
  • Reduced transaction rates
  • Full PCI DSS de-scope
  • Codeless Integration into Payment Applications
  • Aligns to merchant’s PSP and tokenization strategies
  • Fraction of cost of DTMF tone masking
  • Provides customers with a familiar and proven secure method of sharing card details
  • Allows for automated secure population of card details from customer device wallets
  • Provides agents with secure visualization of card data capture process to assist customers