DataDivider fully supports the concepts of de-valuing privacy data. This is the notion of transforming privacy data into valueless substitutes at the point of data capture and only reconstituting privacy data at necessary times where the privacy data is actually required. This ensures that when privacy data is at rest or in transmission is it rendered useless to any would be hacker. Although this can be achieved through sophisticated encryption the technique of tokenization offers a host of additional benefits.

Tokenization allows for privacy data to only be at rest in a Token Vault. Token vaults are generally housed in secure cloud environments which offer dedicated security controls at the very highest level which meets all privacy data compliance standards. As access within a DataDivider environment to tokenization services is always through the DataDivider Secure Cloud and Secure Browser this ensures protection end point to end point.

DataDivider is token provider independent and works with all major Payment Service Providers (PSPs) as well as dedicated Token Providers. If a business has no preference DataDivider by default uses Liaison’s tokenization services. These tokenization services are available for all types of privacy data including but not limited to name, address, zip/post code, bank account number, routing/sort code, social security number/national insurance number and credit/debit card number.